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The Czech and Slovak Music Society is an international organization started in 1987 and dedicated to the serious study and greater understanding of the music of the Czech and Slovak Republics. The Society embraces all musical venues, from 19th-century Czech nationalism to the folk traditions of the Slovak Republic, from 17th-century liturgical music to Ježek's Bugatti-Step and all areas between. We have no grandiose ambitions but seek simply to provide a venue in which serious lovers of this music can pose questions, share ideas, and generate discussions about various aspects of the region's cultural endeavors, past and present. The Czech and Slovak Music Society E-mail Discussion List provides the opportunity to communicate about issues of mutual interest and maintain contact with other subscribers. The Society's on-line newsletter, published three times per year, contains feature articles, notices of performances, conferences, and other opportunities, as well as the accomplishments and activities of current members. The Society's on-line bibliography includes information about books, editions of scores, articles, lectures and courses by Society and discussion list members as well as sources recommended by the membership.

The Czech and Slovak Music Society Homepage was constructed to provide a convenient location to access information about the Czech and Slovak Republics, including topics related to language, culture, education, and media with particular attention to cultural activities, music societies and foundations, and academic forums that focus on the music of this region. As with many homepages, it is a work in progress and comments for improvement are always welcome.


Hradčany (Prague, Czech Republic)

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